The Canning Fruit Producers’ Association is the mouthpiece of canning fruit producers in the Western Cape. Specific aims are:

  • To serve and to promote the interests of the apricot, pear and peach growers.
  • To strive for the development of the apricot, pear and peach industry and to promote the establishment of the necessary facilities and services.
  • To keep the apricot, pear and peach growers informed in connection with matters which concern their industry and to give guidance concerning the best methods to promote the industry.
  • To co-operate and associate with other similar agricultural organisations.
  • To strive for the development of the agricultural industry, the protection of the soil and water resources, improvement of soil fertility and improved scientific production methods.
  • The association provides “Die Krat” as a newsletter for the industry.
  • To promote meaningful research and development in collaboration with ARC Infruitec/Nietvoorbij and other research institutes.
  • To promote plant improvement with various organisations e.g. SAPO, DPA and Plant SA.


(ACT 89 OF 1998, AS AMENDED) (“THE ACT”)

17 November 2011